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A Taste of Something Good.

We all have favorite treats, something special.

One of mine is a little bag of Pistachio Cherry Shortbread from a superb local bakery. The cookie bars are perfect with either a strong cup of brewed tea, preferably, Earl Grey, or coffee with raw sugar and half & half.

This is not diet food folks. It is an indulgence.

Currently I am using a special mug at my writing desk. When my husband returned from serving in Desert Storm, I surprised him with a weekend at an exquisite and expensive Bed and Breakfast. I wanted to give him a little luxury after seven months in a combat zone in Saudi Arabia. The coffee mug is a memento. We visited and lingered at the war memorial, walked all over downtown, and ate at ritzy restaurants he didn’t really care for. I think he needed more time to transition from one culture to another and from MRE’s to food with taste and texture.

My heart desired to give my soldier the best after sending monthly boxes with the most requested item for his tour of duty ~ baby wipes to get the sand out of everything, everywhere.

God offers the best, all the time, to everyone. He knows our intimate desires and immediate needs. He nourishes us physically and spiritually with His word. Health for the body and soul. And he isn’t stingy, He fills our cup to overflowing.

All we have to do is receive and ~
Taste and see that the Lord is good. Psalm 34:8
There is a perfect balance in God’s provisions.

I meant well those many years ago. I was trying to make up for losses my husband could never get back and I went a little overboard. He slept a lot that weekend. He just wanted to hold me close.

God knew what was better, the best. And it was freely given.

How simple and loving is that?

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<a href=”Harvest of Gold (Harvest #2)Harvest of Gold by Tessa Afshar
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Harvest of Gold by Tessa Afshar was an answer to prayer for me.

This is the first book I have read by Tessa and it won’t be the last. The story is powerful and entering the world of these characters without having read the first book, Harvest of Rubies, I had no difficulties following the beautifully woven tale of Sarah and Darius. It is a stand alone book. Having done in-depth studies the Book of Nehemiah, one of my favorite books in the Bible, I was captivated by the way Afshar related the rebuilding of the walls of Jerusalem to the tearing down of walls of the hardened heart of a husband, and the rebuilding of a marriage.

The focus on Nehemiah, his perseverance, faith, life of prayer and fasting, service to a Persian king and to the Jewish people, reliance on God in the worst of circumstances, and sense of true justice, so convicted me in every area of my current personal walk.

After twenty-eight years in an unequally-yoked marriage this story stirred embers to flame again in my own heart to renew my prayers for my husband with fervency.

There is a thread of prayer woven throughout the book, an invisible spiritual refined gold that ties lives together. One man believes his God will help his repenting people do the impossible, and they do in fifty-two days. One women believes her prayers will outlive her time of earth for her son to know God. One wife prays that her husband will forgive her mistake, know God, and come to truly love her. One soldier finds his true self and strength in surrender to a God he can not see without faith, and cannot know without brokenness. One people unite under extreme hardship to rebuild, stone by stone, side by side, and prayer by prayer. And what about those who witness these changes?

A mystery surrounding a planned attempt to kill King Artaxerxes adds an intriguing twist and introduces new characters into play that bring the fictional part of the story to vibrant life. Lysander and Roxanna begin a story of their own that makes me wonder if there isn’t a future harvest ahead for them.

This is a timely book, well-researched and crafted for people of all faiths in the modern world.

If there is but a flicker burning in your heart for a story of true value that offers hope, then read the aptly titled ~ Harvest of Gold.

*The author sent me this book to read and give an honest review.*

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