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Words, Poetry and Buttons

In October I will be,
At Monterey by the sea,
On retreat with fellow Bookies, old and new,
Gathered together to learn a new thing or two.

My postcard reminder is tucked in a photo screen frame,
So I can glance up from my desk whenever I need to claim,
The spray on my face from the crush of a wave,
An ocean full of memories my heart longs to save.

I find myself writing words like seashells and sand, beach and breakers, shipmates and clams.

Ships and anchors, horizon and whales, seals and otters, tugboats and sails.

Yet I sit at my desk with my laptop plugged in,

Writing a short story about blue fish with translucent fins.


I sail away on the keyboard and send an SOS code,

To where Books and Such authors, writers, and agents abode,

“The ocean is calling, calling us by name,

The countdown is dwindling,  we have a deadline to tame!”




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