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Saturday, September 20th I will be speaking from 9 am – 11:30 am about Pinterest at the Inspire Christian Writers Workshop at Peace Lutheran Ministries, 924 San Juan Road, Sacramento, California. More specifically about how to build Pinterest boards to draw attention to your books, both published and pre-published.
If you haven’t already discovered the picture wonderland of Pinterest; come, see, learn, build, and join those already pinning.
Board pinning is a fun, relaxing, and creative way to draw an international audience in to get to know you as a writer/author and fellow pinner, while you work on your platform.
Bring your computer, iPad, cell, or a notepad.
You need not be a techie geek to master the visual world of Pinterest. If you can write a book, you can pin boards to tell as much of your story you want to reveal.

I will touch on other social media you can use in conjunction with Pinterest.
Author Kathryn Mattingly will also be speaking about social media including ~ Facebook. Twitter, and Linkedin.

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I’ve been looking forward to reading Ginny Yttrup’s third book and hoping it measured up to the first two. She came through yet again.
The surface subject matter is tough: Anorexia, over-eating, depression, and grief. But the root subject is about being freed from the bondage of shame.
Four main characters, three women and one man, share their lives in the coastal town of Mendocino in Northern California. The story changes point of view from chapter to chapter, character to character.

Ellyn is an over-weight chef, single middle-age woman with an inner voice named Earl that speaks accusing words of self-condemnation and ridicule.
Sabina is an exotic, slender, counselor who left husband, grown daughters, and job behind on the east coast to hide out from heart wrenching tragedies, and herself.
Twila is a young compassionate anorexic, gifted with the ability to see others pain, as she continues healing through treatment and fights for survival.
Miles is a handsome doctor learning to move on and hoping to love again after the death of his wife, Sarah.

How these people see themselves, project their image for others to see them, and who they truly are in God’s eyes, differ greatly.

Their lives become increasingly intertwined as the story progresses and the reader is invited into their inner circle to walk the streets of the village, the cypress dotted headlands, and the thin line that separates human despair from the joy in knowing you are created in the image of God. And believing that truth with all your heart, mind, body, and soul.

Beautifully written, Invisible, evokes a deep sense of conviction in the reader. At least it did in me. Pick up a copy, you’ll want to let a friend read it when you’re done. The story opens the door for in-depth discussion while sharing your choice of butter cookies, coffee, or a healthy smoothie the same shade of green as pond scum, with friends or perhaps, someone new God brings into your life.

You’ll enjoy the humor and most likely shed tears, but I promise you, Invisible, will leave a lasting impression.

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